Starfarm Tai Chi School

 Providing Therapeutic Tai Chi Classes in CT

since 1998 laddie sacharko has been delivering tai chi classes in CT, to diverse groups of people

Starfarm Tai Chi & Qigong Search Center chief instructor Laddie Sacharko

Laddie Sacharko, founder and chief instructor of Starfarm Tai Chi & Qigong Search Center, has been organizing and delivering tailored tai chi instruction in CT since 1998.  Laddie has worked with diverse populations:  the elderly, seniors, and adults, and children.  These evidence based tai chi programs have been organized around physical and cognitive limitations and other special needs. 

In addition to delivering these tai chi classes in CT,  Sacharko has provided insight and experience to the medical community, professional associations, wellness groups, and social support groups presenting  seminars, in-service presentations, & continuing education courses.  Laddie has also worked with the University of Connecticut Physical Therapy Program, assisting with research pertaining to tai chi as physical therapy, and providing doctoral candidates with training and learning opportunities. A specialty training is offered as an in-house physical therapy practice tai chi as physical therapy continuing education course.

Corporate/company wellness tai chi & qigong classes, community recreation tai chi classes, and tai chi classes for senior centers, as well as semi-private and private tai chi classes in CT are available and affordable from Starfarm Tai Chi & Qigong Search Center’s Tai Chi chief instructor Laddie Sacharko and his teaching assistants. Tai Chi Classes in CT can be tailored for Parkinson’s Disease, fibromyalgia and arthritis, diabetes, and coronary rehab.


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Tailoring a program to your needs, Tai Chi classes in CT 
Known to improve balance,strength and flexibility, these Tai Chi (Tai Chee) ( also called "Tai Chi Ch'uan, Taiji, and Taiji Quan)and qigong (chee goong, chi kung) practices have been proven to reduce stress, regulate blood pressure and address the three chronic enemies of good health: high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.   Tai Chi classes  in CT are an effective means of training balance, an easy and affordable option. Fall prevention training, is one of our specialized tai chi classes in CT. Keys: Tai Chi Classes In CT

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