Chinese Yoga(Intermediate) Class at Thompson Rec Dept

These pictures were taken on Sept 7, 2010 at Thompson Rec.  Most of these women practiced the beginner Chinese Yoga for about a year before the Intermediate class was introduced.  Some of these students have been practicing tai chi and qigong with Laddie for 10 (ten) years, since the classes were introduced to Thompson Rec Dept.

Chinese Yoga for Seniors and Beginners, Thompson, CT
Chinese Yoga (Intermediate) Class at Thompson Rec from left to right: Susan Johnson, Milli Rapp, Agnes Oleksiak, Laddie Sacharko, Judith Rudzinski, Joan Witkowski, Barbara Seney, and Marjorie Mountford.

 In the below photo, Sue Johnson,  who was hiding in the first picture, is given assistence by her class partners in taking the one legged posture “Connect to Heaven”.  Partner assistence is used in the class to help students find range of motion improvements without strain.

Chinese Yoga Partner Assited Exercises help students find range of motion without strain.
Susan Johnson practices Chinese Yoga with the assitence of her intermediate class partners. Her she is seen attempting the one legged posture "Connect to Heaven".

New session for Intermediate Chinese Yoga for Seniors and Beginners starts Oct 5 at the Thompson Library/Community Center.  To participate, you must first complete one session of the beginner Chinese Yoga for Seniors and Beginner’s class, which also starts on Oct 5.  You can get more info about the class by calling the Thompson Rec Dept @ 860 923-9440.  You can download a registration form for these classes at the Rec Dept Website .

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