Wei Qi Gong of Duan Zhiliang

I am in the final stages of reprising this project, first introduced in 2001.  We had a visit from one of China’s National Treasures, Professor Duan Zhiliang, who stayed to teach for 2 days in Oct 2001.

Professor Duan at StarfarmHere’s a picture of Dr Duan .  We had produced a dvd of the technique, but it had been copied so many times it needed to be redone.  It has been done and we are distributing it via www.weiqigong.com.

Here’s a video clip from Youtube, introducing the notion of Qi healing and in particular, of Professor Duan.  He did not repeat the lesson with any other of the places he visited.

Before this key teaching is completely forgotten, I am hoping to transmit the Wei Qi Gong of Duan Zhiliang to many more students than we had begun back then.


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