Presenting Wei Qi Qong of Duan Zhi Liang at NQA

Laddie Sacharko (Starfarm Tai Chi & Qigong Search Center) presents Wei Qi Gong of Duan Zhi Liang; An Introduction to Healing with Human Energy at this year’s Annual NQA conference.

Duan and Laddie Starfarm Oct, 2001.
Duan and Laddie Starfarm Oct, 2001.

Received word a few days back that my proposal to present a workshop to teach the Wei Qi Gong technique has been approved and accepted by the National Qigong Association during their annual conference this year:  I ‘ll be presenting on Friday afternoon, and will post the time when the schedule is finalized. I am also planning to be a conference sponsor again this year.  Link to the NQA website Tap HERE.

Where: The Robert Treat Hotel

50 Park Place, Newark, New Jersey, 07102-4398

When: The weekend of July 21 – 23, 2017

The topic of the presentation can be learned from this “How To ” DVD, but much more will be offered during the training.

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