New Guidelines for Preventing Falls in the Elderly Include: Start Tai Chi, Cut-Back on Meds

“We found that the most effective trials for preventing falls in older people looked at multiple interventions rather than just one; previous studies have indicated that it is more effective to focus on one intervention, but because we looked at not only what recommendations were given, but also which carried out, we’re confident that multifactorial interventions is the best course of action,” said Tinetti.

Qigong for Beginners DVD

Improve Wellness and Sense of Well-Being! This video was produced to support the qigong (chi kung)for beginner classes conducted at Starfarm this summer.  In these 10 weeks, topics covered included how to use the self-healing qigong techniques  including: Pressing, Patting, Rubbing, Stretching, Self-Massage, Sounding, and Meditation Now you can learn and use these simple effective qigong […]